Regulatory Compliance and CE Marking: Consulting Services

Eurolink has a broad range of experience in providing advice and other consulting services in order to ensure that our customers’ products demonstrate full compliance with European Union Directives and Regulations when sold into the EU. Our consulting services focus in particular on those directives and regulations which govern safety and environmental performance.

We are able to help our clients to discern which directive(s) are applicable to their specific product, which can be of particular difficulty when multiple directives apply. In addition, we have experience in helping clients to manage the implications of changes to EU legislation, such as in the cosmetics field, where the original directive was replaced with an European Union regulation, compliance with which was still a legal requirement for sale.

Our consulting services extend to advising on the labelling of products (including CE Marks) and if required, the issuing of declarations of conformity, to demonstrate compliance. We have extensive experience of helping our customers with the registration of products where specific directives require this and where appropriate, with the notification of the intention to sell it into the EU.

Eurolink (Europe) is able to provide advice and support on all aspects of the CE Marking, registration and notification processes applicable to products to be sold in the EU, including:

  • Preparing technical documentation to demonstrate compliance
  • Advising on the most appropriate route to demonstrate compliance
  • Assisting with the preparation of Quality Management Systems
  • Liaising with third party regulatory Notified Bodies for product approval and the approval of Quality Management Systems
  • Applying on behalf of manufacturers for an EC Type Examination of a product
  • Providing post CE Marking advice