Authorised Representative Services

Eurolink has many years of expertise acting as an Authorised Representative, accepting responsibility for EU compliance on behalf of manufacturers. If you choose to appoint an authorised representative to act on your behalf, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Approving the affixing of the CE mark and, where relevant, other markings and information, to the product;
  • Preparing and authorising the EU Declaration of Conformity;
  • Maintaining the declaration and technical documentation;
  • Liaising and cooperating with national authorities during any enquiries into compliance;
  • Providing national authorities with information and documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance and conformity;
  • Negotiating with national authorities about methods to be taken to eliminate any risks posed by products; and
  • Provision of advice on changing compliance requirements.
  • Accepting legal (not financial) risk for compliance from our clients.

The precise nature of the Authorised Representative’s role can be designed on an individual basis, after discussion with our clients.