Other Directives

There are in excess of 25 directives that may be applied to different types of products. They cover general product design, safety, packaging and waste, chemical substances, eco-design, explosive atmospheres and many specific product types. Deciding which is applicable to a product and the best way to justify and demonstrate compliance can be extremely difficult.

These directives are part of the EU compliance system which aims to assure performance of most types of products. Some products such as pharmaceuticals have their own particular compliance regime.Most consumer and industrial products come under the normal range of “CE marking” directives.

‘Some directives, such as those for radio and pressure equipment and components, both overlap and exclude other directives. Therefore, in applying one directive it may mean that another directive is not applicable. An example of this is the Radio Equipment Directive, 2014/53/EU. This directive includes the provisions for assuring electrical safety and EMC performance. Therefore, the application of these directives, in addition to the Radio Equipment Directive is not required.

For a full range of directives and regulations for the compliance of most consumer and industrial products see here;

Eurolink (Europe)’s Role: Eurolink (Europe) can provide consulting and practical services to help clients to meet the demands of a wide range of EU directives, including:

  • Advising clients on which directives apply to their particular product.
  • Guiding clients on the requirements for compliance set out in the relevant directive(s).
  • Where appropriate, assisting clients to compile technical documentation, to provide evidence for the claim of compliance of the product.
  • Acting as an authorised representative, including issuing a Declaration of Conformity and providing the CE marking to be attached to the product label. Please contact us for further details of our authorised representative role, in relation to further EU directives.