Machinery Safety Directive (MSD)

The Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, is applicable to a wide range of machinery and also includes: safety components, chains, ropes and webbing, lifting accessories and in particular partly completed machinery. The directive includes a definition of machinery as being: “an assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive system other than directly applied human or animal effort, consisting of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, and which are joined together for a specific application.”.

Eurolink (Europe)’s Role: Eurolink (Europe) provides consulting and practical services to help clients to meet the demands of the Machinery Safety Directive, including:

  • advising on the applicability of the Machinery Safety Directive. The definition within it is wide and some types of machinery are excluded from the scope of the directive, whilst others also fall underneath additional directives. Please contact us for further advice.
  • guiding its clients on the appropriate routes to compliance:
    • Self Declaration: this is the route by which a manufacturer using analysis and testing techniques determines on his own responsibility that low risk products comply with the directive. The basic requirements are listed in the Essential Health and Safety Requirements in Annex I of the directive. Evidence is provided by the use of European standards covering risk assessment and design requirements. The manufacturer can self declare when he is confident that the equipment meets these requirements.
    • EU Type Examination: for high risk equipment and specialist safety components, the manufacturer must use the services of a notified body. A notified body is responsible for examining both the design of the equipment and the quality management systems adopted by the manufacturer.

Please contact us for advice on which route is most suitable for your specific type(s) of machinery and for further guidance on how to proceed along the route that you take.

  • acting as an authorised representative, including assembling the evidence of compliance, issuing a Declaration of Conformity and providing the CE marking to be attached to the product label. Please contact us for further details of our authorised representative role, in relation to the Machinery Safety Directive.
  • advising on the requirement for a Declaration of Incorporation, in cases where a machine forms part of a larger assembly