Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)

The EMC Directive, 2014/30/EU, requires manufacturers to ensure their products do not cause interference to equipment operating in the same environment and are not susceptible to interference from other devices. The ultimate responsibility for demonstrating compliance rests with the manufacturer.

Compliance is demonstrated either by an Internal Production Control Assessment Procedure or an EC Type-Examination of the product by an approved Notified Body.

When an Internal Production Control Assessment Procedure is used, the manufacturer performs an EMC assessment as part of this process. This assessment provides guidance to the choice of harmonised standards to be used in order to demonstrate compliance. Under normal electromagnetic environmental conditions test reports can be used to demonstrate compliance but under certain environmental/product conditions the use of harmonised standards may be insufficient. Under these circumstances, alternative test regimes and limits will be required. If the manufacturer chooses he can use the EC Type-Examination route to demonstrate compliance. As with other directives the route involves a Notified Body examining the technical design of the product and verifying and attesting that the technical design of the product meets the essential requirements of the directive.

Eurolink (Europe)͛s Role: Eurolink (Europe) can provide consulting and practical services to help clients to meet the demands of the EMC Directive, including:

  • Guiding clients on appropriate routes to compliance (including whether to use a Notified Body), including where the operating environment is extreme.
  • Assisting clients to compile technical documentation, to provide evidence for the claim of compliance of the product.
  • Acting as an Authorised Representative, including issuing a Declaration of Conformity and providing the CE marking to be attached to the product label. Please contact us for further details of our authorised representative role, in relation to the EMC Directive.