Cosmetics Regulations

The requirements for the sale and use of chemicals found in cosmetics are listed in the Cosmetics Regulations, No 1223/2009. Their safety is of paramount importance and there are therefore restrictions on the use of certain chemicals in their formulations. Similarly, there are restrictions on the use of small particles such as nano-materials and those materials that are considered to be carcinogenic. Manufacturers are required to notify the European Commission that cosmetic products are being placed on the market, via the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal and, if based outside the EU, must appoint a Responsible Person within the EU to do so.

Eurolink (Europe)͛s Role: Eurolink (Europe) can provide consulting and practical services to help clients meet the demands of the Cosmetics Regulations, including:

  • Responsible Person services: Eurolink has acted as a Responsible Person for many cosmetics clients and can tailor the role to suit your particular requirements. Please contact us for further details.
  • Documentation examination and approval: the regulations require that safety assessments must be performed by an independent qualified safety assessor. The safety report must follow a prescribed format and be made available to the manufacturer and his Responsible Person in the EU. We are able to advise clients on the suitability of safety reports, packaging and labelling.
  • Product notification on the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal: in our capacity as Responsible Person, Eurolink registers products on behalf of clients, notifying the EU Commission of the material formation for each cosmetic product.